Tree Doodle with Color and PSE Tutorial

I spent some time today coloring my doodle-tree in Photoshop (I use version 10.) I find coloring in a doodle electronically so relaxing. There's no worries of messing anything up like there is when you color with paint or markers. And I'm pretty pleased with the results. I still don't think this is the tree for our Christmas card, but I've really enjoyed the process plus I figured out something new with Photoshop: How to color in spaces without boundaries (like the petals that fall out of the "edge" of my tree shape).  

Here's a quick tutorial to fill an object without a boundary. I needed to fill in this green petal, but there's no boundary because my tree shape is design doesn't have any edges.

1. Select the eyedropper tool.
2. Pick the color you want to fill the petal with. (See the green color box in the bottom left-hand portion of the screen? Now the "paint" I use will be this color.)

3. Select the paint brush tool and choose a regular brush.
4. Set the size to about 6 or 7 pixels.

5. Draw a boundary line at the tip of your petal connecting the black outline.

6. Switch to the paint bucket tool and paint the line you just drew with the brush. (This makes it thicker and gives a more secure boundary.

7. Now you can use the paint bucket tool to fill in the empty space in the petal (make sure you have "contiguous" checked on the top tool bar) and "TA-DA!", you've filled in an object in Photoshop that appears to not have a boundary!! Yay!

I've never had a class on PSE so I mostly stumble around trying to figure things out as they come up. I'm sure there's a smoother, more elegant way to do this but for now, this works for me. 

Have a lovely weekend out there, bloggy friends!


Hannah Tuohy said...

So pretty!

Traci Bixby said...

It's so lovely. I really like the colors and patterns. Beautiful!

Coreopsis said...

It would be a good Christmas card--a really happy and spring-like tree, but I can think of that for Christmas. It really is bright and cheery.

Judy Hartman said...

I do not use Photo Shop, but just love your tree design!
What a beautiful card this would make!

Leah said...

Fantastic design! It would make a great card.

Karen M said...

That's a beautiful tree, very happy. And the PSE info is helpful, too.

Tasha Goddard said...

Oh this really is beautiful. I love the design, and the colouring.

I've recently discovered some new colouring techniques in Photoshop, too - http://www.tag-illustration.co.uk/2012/11/castle-town-pen-drawing-coloured-in-photoshop-cs6/ - it's wonderful when you find a new 'trick' isn't it?

Helen Naylor said...

Lovely! I like all your pattern work.

Anne Manda said...

Original and cheerful, like it a lot!

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