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Hello, friends and Happy New Year! Hope you are well and that this approaching New Year holds as much exciting potential for you as it does me.

The New Year is my favorite holiday because I love new beginnings! I love making lists of goals, cooking up pots of black-eyed peas and cabbage, and toasting in the New Year (if I make it up!)

As part of my "new beginnings", I've decided to let Upside Down B have a rest.... She's tired and bulky and just needs to take a long nap on the couch. She'll still be here, so poke around all you want.

I know I'm healthier and happier - physically, mentally, and spiritually - when writing and keeping a journal reflecting on the wonderful things God is giving me to delight in and the lessons He is teaching me. And I have learned and grown so much by living just a little bit in this virtual world of Bloglandria!  So, I've decided to keep blogging and posting - mainly for me, but also for a few friends and family.

So, if you are interested in seeing what God is doing with me and our family in North Carolina, please click over to my new blog - simply belindafurby.blogspot.com - and join me in this adventure called Life!

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I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4