Ok, so since I want to make an angel garland, I thought I should try to figure out how to make these little girls a bit more efficiently, so I tried another one. Bleh. Not too efficient… but my blond angel has a sister…. She’s pretty scraggly looking, though!
Grrr…. part of her bangs fell out but, oh well! I need to rethink this whole hair process. And I’d like to find thicker felt….. Like this.  It’s expensive and I’d rather find a local place that sold 100% wool felt or a high wool content blend. I’ll keep looking.
And here’s a little felt inspiration for you at Checkout Girl. Pretty stuff, huh?
Have a lovely Wednesday out there! And stop by AEDM for even more pretties!


Claudia said...

Sweet angels!

K.Michele said...

Your angels are cute. Have you thought of maybe doing paint or gluing a piece of yarn on for hair?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

They both have their own personalities.. I especially love the more scraggly of the two. Reminds me of all the years I felt inferior to my blonde sister!! LOL.

Happy Art Every Day Month!

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